The Evolution of the Soul from thuggish-ness to Righteousness, the enlightened path to God.

Your Mind the only channel to God. Following the Messiah’s path within.

The mind. The unseen self, made in the image and likeness of God. Yahushua’s through his teachings show us the laws of mind, spiritual laws in action. Religion, he did not teach. Spiritual laws, called truth, he did.


The Twenty Third Psalm. The Thug Mind eliminator.

The LORD is my shepherd. These first five words of the 23 Psalm represent the highest realm of spiritual thought that all men/women should strive to attain. It is the spiritual realm that Yahushua himself demonstrated in his three-year earthly ministry. It is/was a total sacrifice of the I, (ego) in position of conscious control, for Yahweh, and his word…Continue Reading